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Adult Gymnastics

Gymnastics strength and flexibility will keep you looking and feeling young, limber and in great shape. It is a wonderful supplement to traditional cardio and weight training workouts, and the opportunity to improve your skills is motivating and fun. Gymnastics is an activity and sport involving performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, co-ordination, balance, and grace.

Competitive Artistic gymnastics is the best known of the gymnastic sports. It typically involves the women’s events of uneven parallel bars, balance beam, floor exercise, and vault. Men’s events include floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar.


Adult / Teen Gym

This is a casual drop in session supervised by qualified instructors. Participants are free to experience all disciplines using gymnastics equipment and space.

Tuesday and Friday 7.30 – 9 pm Cost $15 per session or $120 for 10 sessions.

Family Open Gym

Fun for the whole family including the grownups. This is a casual drop in session supervised by qualified instructors. The family are free to play together in a safe and challenging environment.

Saturday 2.30 – 4 pm Cost – $10 per family member, 50% discount for 3rd or more participants

Never 2 Old

Active ageing programme for adults over 60 years. Emphasis is placed on cardio movement and less high impact exercises.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 – 11 am Cost $6 per class or $55 for 10 sessions

Hoop Fit

Children develop strength, learn gymnastics skills and gain confidence in their athletic ability. This is an extension of FUN-damental Gym and is for those that would like to progress to the next level in gymnastics. All classes are 1½ hours and include warm-up, training on all apparatus and trampoline. Children also work on general stretching for flexibility. As they practice drills for each skill, they will develop the proficiency needed to link skills together and complete routines on each apparatus.

Adults Trampoline

Structured trampoline class for adults 18+. Learn to bounce, pike, tuck, flip and more. Beginners welcome.

Tuesday 7 – 8 pm Cost $15 per class or $120 for 10 sessions.

Adults Gymnastics

Structured gymnastics class for adults 18+. Catering for those who wish to learn gymnastics at a later age. Coaching on floor, rings, beam, bars and vault, the coaches will work with you at your skill level. No prior experience is needed.

Wednesday 7 – 8 pm Cost $15 per class or $120 for 10 sessions.

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Gym Programs run in-line with New Zealand Primary/Intermediate School Terms. Registrations are open prior to each term beginning on a “first come first served basis. For quality and safety reasons not all enrolments can be accepted so be sure to get in early to secure a space for your child.