Bruce Pulman Park Sports Academy for talented athletes in the local community

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About Bruce Pulman Park Sports Academy

The Bruce Pulman Park Sports Academy has had a successful partnership with a number of the local Secondary Schools who have nominated high performing athletes to the programme each year.  The most well known athlete to date is Kieran Read who came to us through Rosehill College. 

Schools that are currently involved in the programme include; Rosehill College, Sancta Maria College, Strathallan College, Alfriston College, Howick College, Papatoetoe High School, Pukekohe High School and Hauraki Plains College.  The Academy is a two year commitment for students.

The Bruce Pulman Park Sports Academy programme aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of potential elite athletes, interested in pursuing a career in their sport at both a domestic and international level.

All students will develop foundation knowledge in sport science, and will acquire the ability to operate at an advanced level in training and competition.  The central purpose of the Bruce Pulman Park School Sport Academy Program is to provide a fully structured approach to the nurturing and growth of young athletes.  It is our belief that programmes of quality ensure all participants are given adequate time and every opportunity to improve their sports performance through knowledge, understanding and self-awareness.

To this effect, there is an overwhelming emphasis on active participation and participant involvement throughout the programme, giving it a strongly applied focus.  Participants are encouraged to critically evaluate themselves and their practice within the context of the programme.  A high level of applied understanding of the principles associated with the science and personal management of sport performance is integrated into the program. This emphasis best prepares students for future careers in sport, where the ability to function efficiently and autonomously is paramount to ultimate success.

 Our Year 1 students

The Programme Philosophy

Bruce Pulman Park is committed to, and active in, the provision of high quality education that prepares all attendees to be not only academically and technically competent members of a demanding and changing professional community (including corporate, school and sport), but also effective communicators in the wider society. 

What Kieran Read has to say about our Academy

It’s an opportunity I’m glad I took and it’s an opportunity to grab with both hands.  There’s a lot of  information that you can take on board and it took my performance up that little bit, which I needed to get me to the next level in my sport.”  Kieran Read, All Blacks Captain

How do you apply?

To apply students must submit their application through their School Sports Co-ordinator. 

Applications are NOW CLOSED.

For further information, please contact Simon Kent on


Who is Simon Kent?

Simon has over 15 years International experience as a Coach, Coach Developer and High Performance Director in both professional and community sport. Read more …

Ashley Porter – Taekwondo

Introducing our 2020 Academy

Year 1

Ella Findlay – Rosehill College

Trizon Uatisone – Rosehill College

Jordan Te Puni – Rosehill College

Taryn Richmond – Rosehill College

Lyrakai Posimani – James Cook High School

Callum McRae – Sancta Maria College

Sean Hancock – Sancta Maria College

Emma Lendrum – ACG Strathallan

Year 2

Alyssa Harrison – Rosehill College

Luke Lentner – Wesley College

Lucas Hutton – Rosehill College

Tatum Clotworthy – Rosehill College

Caleb Higham – Howick College

Ashleigh Solomann – Howick College

Ashley Porter – Papatoetoe High School

Victoria Heald – Sancta Maria College

Clive Luna – Sancta Maria College

Rory Quinn – Pukekohe High School

Leon Marconi – Hauraki Plains