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Programmes for School Aged Children (5-11+)

Children were born to jump, tumble, stretch, and swing on bars! Children will learn and develop gymnastics skills, along with coordination, balance, and strength. Spending time on the floor, beam, bars, vault, and trampoline is a great way to keep your child active and engaged in a fun and exciting environment!

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FUN-damental GYM 5yrs+

This programme provides a fun way to get your child active, athletic and focused. In this class children will develop strength, flexibility, correct form and body positions, and the foundation skills for gymnastics. Your child will gain confidence in their abilities and develop positive self-esteem in a fun, safe environment.

FUN-damental Rhythmic 5yrs+

A combination of gymnastics and dance this programme is a fun way to get your child active, athletic and focused. In this class children work with ropes, ribbons, hoops, balls and clubs. They develop strength, flexibility, correct form and body position and the foundation skills for rhythmic gymnastics. With the use of music they develop performance skills and rhythmical movement patterns. We offer classes for both beginners and those who are experienced in dance or gymnastics.

FUN-damental Trampoline 6yrs+

The main aim of these lessons is to have fun on the trampoline in a safe and controlled environment. These classes are designed to be challenging and they focus on skill development, fitness and co-ordination. There are many skills to learn and master on a trampoline and this is the place to do it.

Artistic Recreation

Children develop strength, learn gymnastics skills and gain confidence in their athletic ability. This is an extension of FUN-damental Gym and is for those that would like to progress to the next level in gymnastics. All classes are 1½ hours and include warm-up, training on all apparatus and trampoline. Children also work on general stretching for flexibility. As they practice drills for each skill, they will develop the proficiency needed to link skills together and complete routines on each apparatus.

Tumbling Recreation

Want to work on walkovers for dance, or tumbling for cheerleading then this is the class for you. Our Tumbling classes are the perfect place to safely learn to roll, turn, tumble and twist! Classes focus on spatial and body awareness, coordination, and skill development. From forward rolls to back handsprings our amazing coaches will help you master the basics, build and retain your tumbling skills.

Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling

Caters for the advanced trampolinist and tumbler with opportunity to become more proficient through progressive levels. Entry into competitive trampoline and tumbling programme by invitation.

Term fee – corresponds to hours trained weekly. ]

Competitive Gymnastics

Excellence with enjoyment, based on Gymsport New Zealand programmes. There is a progressive increase in hours of training as gymnasts reach higher levels. Entry by invitation. Classes in men’s, women’s and rhythmic gymnastics in both the levels and elite pathways of gymnastics.

Term fee – corresponds to hours trained weekly. ]

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Gym Programs run in-line with New Zealand Primary/Intermediate School Terms. Registrations are open prior to each term beginning on a “first come first served basis. For quality and safety reasons not all enrolments can be accepted so be sure to get in early to secure a space for your child.