The following terms of payment apply to all purchases online and in person for programmes at the Gymsport & Recreation Centre. Acceptance of these terms is a prerequisite to being accepted into Gymnastic Programmes at Pulman Park.

Payment Policy – Gymsport & Recreation Centre

Term Fees

Term definition

The Gymsport & Recreation Centre defines a term as a minimum 8 weeks.

Recreation classes

Payment will be required prior to the first class of term to book and confirm a place in any class.

Invoices will not be created for recreation classes.

Competition Classes

Invoices will be created for all competitive classes. Payment required by the due date on the invoice.

Family Invoices

Families with children in both competition and recreation classes can request invoices for all members. Payment required by the due date on the invoice.

Payment Methods

Payment should be made to the Gymsport & Recreation Centre.

Payments may be made by cash, cheque, eftpos, credit card, or direct credit.

Part payments may be made upon request to the Centre Accountant (all part payments must be completed before the next term commences).


No refunds will be given after the commencement of term. Refunds prior to the start of term will incur a $15 administration fee.

A credit may only be issued for injury or severe sickness during the term that prevents attendance for 3 or more consecutive weeks. A medical certificate is required to be produced within 7 days of injury/illness before a credit will be considered.

Discounts will be made for the third child in a family participating in a one-hour FUN-damental programme. Third child discount will be 25% of the lowest term fee only.

Refunds/Credits are at the discretion of the Centre Manager.

Non payment

Membership may be suspended for non-payment.  This means exclusion from training and competitions if term fees have not been paid and no arrangement has been made with Centre Management.  Debts past 90 days due may be passed to a commercial debt recovery agency and any collection costs will be added to the outstanding amount due.

“Make Up” Classes

The Gymsport & Recreation Centre is under no obligation to make up classes when a child is absent, when training falls on a public holiday or competition day.

Make Up classes may be available for classes, which are cancelled by the Gymsport & Recreation Centre.

Holiday Training

With the exception those on the HP/ED annual fee system, holiday training is not a part of term fees. Holiday training must be paid up front before training. Athletes will be given times and costing for holiday training.

Affiliation/club membership

With the exception of “Pay as you Play” advertised programmes, all participants are required to pay affiliation and club membership fees for respective programmes.

This policy has been updated as of January 2017